The entire family were involved in sport from swimming to gymnastics and at one point they were all amatuer boxers but his father decided when daniel was born that he was going to be a boxer, training started at 5 yrs old doing push-ups and training almost everyday he even took part in a competition in the US where he set a record for doing push-ups for 5 hours non-stop. By the time he was 8 he was doing up to 5,000 push-ups on a regular basis as in everyday.

He joined South London harriers (Crystal Palace) competing in javelin, long distance races (which he excelled in), swimming and all of these activities that he took part in were to help him gain endurance and strength for his boxing.

National Boxing Champions

  • 26th Feb 2014 Brandenburg Gold
  • 13th Sep 2015 Brandenburg cup Silver
  • 23rd Oct 2016 Tammer tournament Gold
  • 8th Dec 2016 GB Boxing Championship Gold
  • School Boy Championship
  • Junior ABAE

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